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Sun City Estate Sales & Cleanouts



We offer downsizing and close down service many people find themselves needing. There are times in life when there is a loss of a family member or friend, retirement changes, or re-location situations that occur.

The remaining family, lawyers, trustees or clients find themselves facing a “mountain” of possessions. They wonder at what can be done and where to start. Some just can’t emotionally handle the loss they have just suffered, or the enormity of what stands before them.

The household contents, clothing and personal items, jewelry, assorted collections, and often, historical memorabilia need to be organized and dispersed in an orderly and logistical manner. Many realize there is value, but do not know how to get it sold and dealt with. When my staff and I come into a home, the service we provide is ‘as one coming alongside to help’.

We come in, get the entire estate accomplished in less then a week. Items are sold, donated, and the house is left emptied and cleaned.

The other dilemma can also be an issue of time and distance. Many do not have the time or desire, they may live too far away or even out of state to thoroughly accomplish the needed down-sizing, close down and the dispersing of an estate.

We have been working with contemporary, vintage and antique items for over 15 years. We have a wide range of expertise having to do with clothes, photographs, ephemera (old printed paper, documents, magazines, brochures), furniture, costume and real jewelry, collectibles, textiles, linens, etc. Please call us for a free consultation.

480 270-4434

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