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Q. How is an estate sale performed?

A. We stage items on tables. We then photograph, research & advertise all items in numerous online estate sale publications.

Q. How long does it take to setup the estate sale?

A. In most cases, we only need four days with a multi-person staff to completely organize, stage and price all the contents of your home. We typically start staging on a Monday and complete the setup and have the sale on Friday & Saturday.

Q. Do you charge a fee?

A. No, we work on a commission percentage only! No Fees!

Q. What is your commission?

A.  Our commission is 35%.

Q.  Are you insured?

A.  Yes. We carry a 3 million dollar insurance policy.

Q.  After the sale, is my home completely empty?

A.  Yes. After your estate sale is complete and the vast majority of items are sold and out of the home, we use donation & trash removal services to remove any remaining items of little or no value. Your home will completely empty and broom cleaned.

Q.  I am unable to have an estate sale performed in my home. Can you remove items from my home and sell them in another location?

A.  We do offer a cash buy-out option! We will research, appraise your items and offer you fair market value.

Q.  I have some rare coins, jewelry, collectibles & fine art. Are you knowledgable in these areas and how do you price these items? 

A.  Yes. We are certified appraisers and we are very knowledgeable with higher end items like this. We have a vast network of high end collectors who are willing to pay fair market value for these items. We will also offer a discounted commission for higher end items.

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